Statement of Purpose

Helping God’s people advance His kingdom with the blessing He gives.
To help Texas Southern Baptists support Baptist ministries through bequests, planned gifts, church loans, fund management, and trust services
Christ-Centered, Biblically-Grounded, Local Church-Committed, Great Commission-Focused
Statement of Faith
The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 of the Southern Baptist Convention is the statement of faith and message for the Southern Baptist of Texas Foundation.
Charitable Distributions
The SBT Foundation Board of Directors acknowledges that Christians have historically understood that the claims of Christ compel them to undertake a broad range of charitable and educational endeavors as well as direct Christian ministry, it is our passion to implement all recommended charitable giving as long as it is not contrary to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000,the current policies of this organization, or current guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service.
Christian Ministries
SBT Foundation will not authorize the distribution of charitable funds to Christian ministries, organizations, and institutions that do not hold a high view of scripture. A high view of scripture would include but not be limited to the position that the Bible is factual in character and historicity in such matters as: 1) the supernatural character of the biblical miracles which occurred as factual events in time and space, 2) the historical accuracy of biblical narratives which occurred precisely as the text of Scripture indicates, and 3) the actual authorship of biblical writings as attributed by Scripture itself.
SBT Foundation will not authorize the distribution of charitable funds to Christian ministries, organizations, and institutions that are not in basic agreement with Southern Baptist distinctives. Southern Baptist distinctives would include but not be limited to 1) salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone [inclusive or security of the believer], 2) baptism by immersion of believers only, and 3) the Bible is the final rule of faith and practice.
Secular Charities
SBT Foundation will not authorize the distribution of charitable funds to advance atheism, humanism, homosexual lifestyles, Marxism, anti-Americanism, abortion, violence, witchcraft, or any other activity that the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors might at any time deem to be inappropriate, in conflict with the Statement of Faith that is ascribed to by the Board of Directors, or contrary to the organizations’ purposes, even though such purposes may be sanctioned by the Internal Revenue Service as legitimate purposes for tax-deductible donations and/or sponsored by other tax-exempt organizations. SBT Foundation retains the ultimate right to determine whether the request for distribution may fall into one of the above categories.
Prohibited distributions as established by the Internal Revenue Code include, but are not limited to, the following.
  • To provide private benefit to the donor or any other related individual
  • To pay dues or membership fees.
  • To purchase tickets to a charitable event or benefit, such as banquets, golf tournaments, auctions, sponsorships
  • To pay a pledge made by donor to another charitable organization.
  • To pay for school tuition – apart from an established scholarship program
  • To support charities on the terror-watch list
  • To support a political party or candidate for election
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